Planet 7 Casino – Generous and most honest casino among the congeners

If you still have not heard about then it must be said that you have lost a lot, but the time may be recovered. Bright signs, expressive screensavers, modern games, a laid-back design and a huge number of bonuses, pleasant surprises all that stuff in the Planet 7 Casino online casino.

You can say as much as you like that “it used to be better”, but we all understand that time, like people, does not stand still and in our era of progress, it is very difficult not to be on the wave with modern technologies. Whether we want it or not, we need to keep up to date and accept the gifts of the century of information technology.

An interesting fact is that even historians cannot name the exact date of the appearance of the first gambling houses. Analogs of modern dice were found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, and the rich people of the Roman Empire hurried to mineral spas, where gambling dominated as entertainment. There they had fun to the fullest.

Grandiose shows arranged in the Roman coliseums contributed to the appearance of sweepstakes, where the young and old put on gladiators or winners of chariot races. Something reminiscent of modern casinos, right?

Asia and America did not stand aside. You would never have thought that gambling flourished in ancient China, India, among the Mayan and Inca cultures. Chinese thinkers believed that gambling developed wisdom and mindfulness. This is true since it is required skills and experience in order to take the right step and win. Later, gambling moved into drinking establishments and turned into a familiar activity for the leisure of ordinary people. In a pirate environment, they occupied not the last place too, where looted treasures were at stake.

It cannot be said that institutions cannot compare with the current casinos, no, they can, but modern ones have a lot of advantages. Few people thought that this online casino is the best online casino among analogs from around the world. And this is not casual. Planet 7 Casino uses Realtime Gaming software, which is owned and operated by AceRevenue Group. It is licensed and regulated by the Government of Costa Rica.

This casino is a fun and safe environment in which casino lovers can get together and enjoy the best games in the style of Las Vegas.

Planet 7 Casino software was developed by Realtime Gaming, which is why this website is proud of its incredible graphics, amazing features such as a wonderful payout percentage, secure transactions, convenient management, and easy navigation.

It is worth noting once again that earlier it was possible to go to gambling establishments and spin the machines, leave your money there or win the jackpot. Nevertheless, these times are gone and due to numerous legislative restrictions in some countries, these institutions have gone offline. However, residents of Canada, France, and other large cities should not worry, as they have access to Planet 7 Casino. Now people can play good old slots without leaving their home, drinking hot tea and sitting on a soft sofa. Besides, this web casino always provided with new games that come out quite often, it will not let you get bored for a minute. The casino is very concerned about you and your mood. is a great place for those who want to experience incredible sensations, excitement and show their skills, as well as learn something new. Now there is no need to go anywhere, no need to stand in traffic jams, and then be distracted by noisy visitors, worry about your safety in a case of winning, all this is available online and is very safe.


A well-made thing will last for years and a well-designed casino will lead millions of players. These are not just words, but words that are of great importance and are directly related to this online casino. The first impression of the visual component of this site is very positive because the colors are not bright, but memorable and very well chosen, there is no intrusive advertising, which is in the vast majority of web casinos. Ease of use is also worth noting, that is, all that is needed is in an accessible place.

So, a gif screensaver on the first page, there you can see the latest exciting slots that developers uploaded to the site, great offers and, of course, a welcome bonus. Also under the screensaver, you can see the phrase “voted the best online casino”, which means that they are the best casino according to opinions, feedback, and user reviews and this is very deserved.

We are also very pleasantly greeted by the categories of slots, there are not many of them, but only the coolest and newest ones, as well as the good old games. Featured Games will introduce you to the most popular new slots at the moment. Have we said that this casino is the best-designed casino? Planet 7 earned such fame for a reason, it is all because there must be something for which millions of users around the world have loved it and there are such chips. Let us start from the home page. We have categories and slots in front of us, but if there are people who have not played in a casino yet or if you are just a very interested person and want to know a little about the game that you are going to play, they made a very convenient trick for you. The trick is that each game has an icon in the form of the “I” letter when you hover over it, a text appears and it says what kind of game it is and all its features. Very practical indeed. Thus, in this category, you can see such popular games as Achilles, the good old 777, the exciting game Sweet 16 and the new product of this year Popinata.

The Slot Games category is full of entertaining and interesting games that will captivate you for a long time; you only need a cozy atmosphere where you will not be distracted, hot tea or coffee, and money on deposit. Moreover, Planet 7 Casino will do the rest: it will provide you with a pleasant visual, no less cool atmosphere of excitement and winnings and an extremely large number of slots worthy of attention. The casino will lift your spoiled mood from your knee, give you strength and motivate you to new achievements.

The Other Games category will please every person, because there are slots for everyone here: picky, skeptical guys, ardent gamblers, beginners, seniors. Only this casino can boast so many games. Therefore, it looks advantageous against the background of other online sites. No wonder that millions of people trust this casino. If you press the key all other games in this category, then you can’t believe your eyes, because you will simply see an unrealistic number of slots. Here, as in other categories, as before, each game has explanatory notes, which is very convenient for those who do not understand how to play and what kind of game he chose.

Particular attention should be paid to the new games category, as this is the favorite category of most users. It is no secret that everyone loves new products and something fresh, this casino can please its visitors. Only selective and fair games are provided in this casino. The Mariachi is suitable for lovers of all Mexican, a very funny game; girls can try themselves in Mermaids and the new 2021 Cubee.

The developers of this wonderful service did their best because everything on this site is very clear, simple and convenient. You can find Latest Promos on the main page under all categories of games, here are all the current offers, bonus code, information on how to get free spins, promo codes, no deposit bonus and a lot of tasty recommendations. A tab with Latest Articles is very practical where you can read about winning compositions in slots, instructions on how to play a variety of board games, interesting articles on how the world casino center looked like and a lot of historical articles. All these publications are conveniently placed into categories, so you do not have to look for exactly what you need for a long time. Categories, by the way, are located both at the top of the page and at the bottom, you can also read the latest news about the casino by clicking on the Gambling News button at the top of the page. It is also worth noting a very nice screen saver at the top of the screen, which shows space, satellites, other planets, and a flying rocket, the developers are great fellows and did their best.

In order to give tremendous motivation to their players, it was planned to make a line where would appear Total Jackpot – an amount that increases every second, it means that every second people win money in various games in this casino. At the moment, the total jackpot is more than 500 thousand dollars, and over the past thirty days there is about $ 14 million has been won by all players in this online casino. Impressive, isn’t it?

We will not tire of repeating that this casino is simply the best of its kind. Under the jackpot line, you can read information about each category of slots. A small window contains brief information about online roulette, blackjack, video poker. Additionally, these texts are very motivating.

At the very end of the page, you can find the answer to the question “Why this casino?” Brief information about the security provided by the best casino, which payment systems exist, and how to withdraw money quickly, as well as a game for real money and the best online support. All this information can be found at the bottom of the page, and if you have any questions, you can read more advanced versions by clicking on the links at the end of each sentence.

Games, games

You were not mistaken if this casino is the first casino that you found on the Internet. This, by the way, is not surprising, because is the best casino in the world and also included in the top 200 of the coolest online sites. The list of games in this online casino is constantly updated with new products, so even the most selective gambling enthusiasts and beginners will be completely satisfied because the choice of slots is so large that you can add not one or two games to the list of favorites, but all 50. No, it’s okay if you don’t have time to play all the games offered by the casino, the only thing that matters is how you feel when playing them. The world-famous software developer Real Time Gaming provides new gambling.

The casino is so generous that it likes to please its players with pleasant bonuses very often, so any user can start without registering and play free games completely to familiarize themselves with its basic rules and develop their winning strategy, especially if the game is completely unfamiliar or just understand for yourself whether it suits you or not. This feature is very convenient, it would be nice if the stores had such loyalty – take a sample of the product and decide for yourself whether it is yours or not, delicious or not. But while such innovations are only in online casinos.

If you are an indefinite person, a beginner or a gambler who’s eyes are diverted from one glance at the list of games provided in this casino, for such cases the casino has divided all the games into categories that can be found either at the top of the page on the right in the Menu section or at the bottom of the screensaver or the very end of the page in the Casino Games section. There are many options, choose any and discover the amazing world of modern online games and adventures. Your Experience, skills, and tricks will be very useful during the game. Therefore, the choice of the game should begin with the definition of the genre where the beginner or gambler wants to try playing. The online casino offers the following groups of games to choose from: featured games, slots games, other games, new games, and in these categories you can find games such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, keno and video poker. There is no filter function here, but games are very well sorted into the above categories without it.

A distinctive feature of this casino is the opportunity to participate in competitions and tournaments, most players will be very interested to connect to the games and compete with each other for the best of the achieved results.

Video poker is the most requested game among all players of all time, and video poker in Planet 7 is also a very profitable game. Do you like big winnings and bonuses, then this the place is for you. It is very nice and pleasant to play slots on this site, especially when there are rewards in the form of a welcome bonus. For beginners, there is a very pleasant surprise in the form of a 400% welcome bonus code, as well as free spins, no deposit bonus and promo codes. More than 70 years have passed since the moment people learned about poker, now it is the age of information technology and simplified life.

Big casinos turned into successful online projects and people followed them. It is not casual that most people have liked this online casino, firstly, it is very convenient, secondly, it is dynamic, and thirdly it is more qualitative and safer than an offline casino. Therefore, this playground has made everything possible to attract an audience and offer the widest selection of game options in the Video Poker section. The most popular slots are Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker and other no less interesting slots.

Also, games at Planet 7 Casino have developed at a high enough level because of the quality of the graphics at a high-level thanks to beautiful and original pictures, as well as a large amount of animation.


In the age of information technology, people are more accustomed to spending time on mobile phones. Because this device has replaced us with a lot of different things including a computer. It’s very convenient to see traffic jams when you are in a hurry to work, weather forecasts when you don’t have Internet at home, it’s even more convenient to play on a mobile phone than on a computer. Online casinos realized what people are interesting in and immediately took action to improve their service. Therefore, now every new casino first creates a mobile app before creating a site. This online casino is no exception because the site of the playground is designed at the highest level and is suitable for any device, whether it is a tablet phone or laptop. The casino does not have a mobile application, but this is not at all a minus since you do not have to fill up the memory of your phone, download a mobile app and do not have to clear the cache later. Planet 7 went its own way and simply created an affordable version of the site that is suitable for any device.

An impressive plus is the mobile version is that the casino site looks better in the mobile version. It has additional features and all this is in one small mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand. The mobile version is suitable for all operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows.

About all bonuses

It is a very exciting section in every online casino because you never know what each casino is preparing for you.

Each self-respecting casino has a mandatory welcome bonus or the so-called sign up bonus, bonuses that are given to each user during registration. It is also called no deposit bonus. The casino is very generous in such gifts that freely promises to give $ 25 free. In order to receive a no deposit bonus, you need to replenish the account in your account in any way convenient for you, deposit currency and receive a bonus. By the way, the countries, which can deposit currencies, do not end Canada, Spain, and France but also other multimillion-dollar countries have access to this casino. If you make a $ 50 deposit, you can win a 400% bonus. Each new player can receive a welcome bonus, you just have to check the cash in your wallet and replenish the electronic wallet in the online casino and you can get bonuses.

As mentioned earlier, the casino is generous with profitable applications and pleasant surprises, therefore, you can also find other promotional offers in its arsenal, for example, coupons, promo, free games, promo codes, free spins, no deposit bonus, and it is also possible to use bonus code and grab yourself extra discounts on games.

Since the casino has existed for a long time, it has quite a lot of experience and knows how to attract and motivate new players, so the site has a separate section with bonus codes in the amount of ten pieces. Welcome200 bonus code will bring you 100% of the deposit, theworks175 will give 175% no deposit bonus, shadow350 will bring 350% VIP bonus. The rules are very simple – register put money and choose your bonus. Casinos in 2021 have never been so generous, seize the moment.


Support is one of the key advantages of this casino. A huge plus is that support managers can serve customers at any hour and day, 24/7, without days off, holidays and weekends. Therefore, if you have a question, and it is March 8 or New Year’s Eve – do not worry, feel free to write to the support group on the site and your questions will be promptly resolved.

Moreover, if you think that your question is stupid or inappropriate, it does not matter – a support service exists to solve any questions and problems even the most unimaginable questions of users.

All support operators are very friendly and pleasant; they will always help and prompt. This is especially important for beginners. Despite the simple structure of the site, some people may not understand some information, so there is a support service for such cases.

However, there is one exception, only registered users can contact the support service, so if you have not registered yet, then it is the right time to do it, especially since every new user will receive very pleasant bonuses.

You can contact support by mobile phone, by writing an email or, in the most convenient way, write them in live chat.

If you or your friends have any complaints about the casino, for example, you didn’t receive money or you just noticed any suspicious activity in your account, there is a Real Time Gaming partner for these issues – they accept all problems, questions, and objections. If 60 days have not passed yet since the emergence of your problem, you can file a complaint with the central dispute system. The company will professionally consider your complaint and propose an appropriate solution to the problem.


Do not worry about the safety of your data and the safety of your account and the honesty of games in online casinos, as it has modern protection. 256-bit SSL encryption guarantees the protection of all your data, as well as the integrity of the outcome of the games. Since MD5 encryption is used for this, it is also impossible to intercept data. In short, protection from every angle.

In order for the players not to develop the habit of gambling, many measures were taken, you can familiarize yourself with them on the casino website. In addition, people who already have problems with gambling will not get access to the casino, the developers have worked very hard and guarantee security.

Money deals

The casino is a very affordable service as residents of Canada can easily deposit and withdraw money in US dollars. Nevertheless, other countries also have access, so there will be no problems with access. The casino claims that the minimum possible deposit is thirty dollars, and if you want to withdraw your first money, you need to save up a hundred dollars – this is the minimum possible withdrawal of money. Also, if you are a top gambler, then you can withdraw up to 2500 US dollars a week.

If we talk about deposits, then this is the fastest casino in the whole world, since the money in your account will appear in a few minutes after entering, the maximum time for funds to arrive in the account is 24 hours.

A wide selection of payment systems allows players to use exactly the method that is most convenient for them. Now available such methods as Visa, Skrill, Mastercard, Neteller, as well as Bitcoin the latest innovation in the world of casino. If you are not a fan of messing with electronic bills, there is the opportunity to make a deposit over the phone. However, this feature is available only to users of Canada.

Withdrawals are also available via bitcoin, Neteller, Bank Checks and Bank Wire.


Planet 7 is simply an ideal platform for users from young to old, from skeptical players to fans, to tickle nerves and beginners. The casino will never offend with payments, as they are honest, timely and that is most importantly large. Also, do not lose sight of the dizzying and very generous bonuses from the best casino in the world. Well, take the bonus codes – which make it possible to get an amazing 400% on the first deposit. This casino would not be the best if it did not have additional promo codes and bonuses for regular players. Many casinos boast of their bonuses and rewards, but at the end of this guff – these bonuses exist only for new players, there aren’t many people who think about how to motivate regular players to new achievements and jackpot. This casino is very caring and can always please absolutely all players with pleasant bonuses and offers ranging from free spins to free games. Despite all the advantages of this casino, you also have to choose a game for yourself that is right for you. It is possible that you not only one game, but ten will be your favorite. We will not restrain you; however, the casino will not be either; if you like these games and you feel comfortable, then you are in the right place. Because the main rule of this casino is customer care.

Therefore, the next chapter will emphasize user support. It can be called the pride of the casino, as the support is timely and very competent. The best gaming site employs the best workers in the world. Therefore, all your problems and questions that have arisen will be resolved in an instant, you just need to write in a live chat, send a mail or call them, if it is more comfortable for you.

This is the 2021 year and cases of fraud, hacking and illegal withdrawal of money have become more frequent, but you should not worry about this. It is also a century of information technology and modern protection, so the casino did not stand aside and took care of the safety of all users. Your data, account, and money in the account are under the reliable protection of 256-bit SSL encryption. Data interception is also impossible because the site has MD5 encryption.

Withdrawal of money is carried out by all popular payment systems. Depositing funds into your account in casino account is also very quick. Therefore, responsiveness is also a hallmark of this casino.

Overall, the casino is very decent and honest. And this is the most important thing in our difficult, but so interesting 2021.

Russell Ross